Over the years,the company has undergone many medium scale projects in the Qatar,for various public & private clients,most particularly the Hamad Medical Corporation,local & international education sectors,Qatar clay bricks company,Qatar Radio & Television & many more. The procedure that we perfected is geared towards having well trained & well motivated employees so that we can provide our clients with the highest Quality of service that they deserve.The construction and site development work is comptetive and has marginal profit on that account,we should maintain our labour and materials costs to a reasonable amount to be comptetive in the market place.It is our belief that we can increase our work ratio without jeoperdizing the quality of our service by properly training our employees.With that in mind we rely heavily on keeping our employees well informed on respecting safety regulations & personal safety to perform their given task efficiently.Furthermore,we are educating our feild supervisors on how to effectively manage their respective subordinates so that they will realize their full potential thus increase productivity.



We strive & promise of delivering an uncompromising commitment to Quality.Second to none,we constantly ensure that our quality team is involved in all aspects of the project development & execution states.